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Charleston, sc
There is a race going on to break this culture’s way of thinking about sex and hearing the God’s truth will literally set people free and save lives. This race isn’t given to the swift or the strong it is given to the ones who endure the process until the end. I want to do anything and everything in my power to help others experience real life change!


Boston, MA
The Unaltered Tour has been a great opportunity to share my testimony, to walk alongside others who desire more of God and to point my generation to a life of joy.

Anna D.

Atlanta, GA
I know shame, I have felt pain and I have felt the overwhelming insecurities this world can bring. I want to help students who struggle with the same things to better understand the redemption that is found in Jesus Christ.


San Antonio, TX
In my life God had always been real but it never really meant more than saying a prayer every once in a while and going to church on holidays. In my immaturity and pride I neglected almost all of the advice I was given by others. The more freedom I was granted, the more I took advantage of it. It wasn’t until I really understood the beauty of the gospel that my perspective completely changed. I’m here to guide anyone I can towards the saving grace the Lord shared with me when I felt I least deserved it.


Raleigh, NC
I used to live a very destructive lifestyle, feeling worthless and like I was damaged goods. Then Christ met me in the middle of my mess and radically changed my life for the better. I realized my worth and value could only come from the one who created me, and it changed the way I lived my life. Now I’m so extremely passionate about sharing that same message that God revealed to me with my generation.


Phoenix, AZ
I desperately want so much more for this generation. I want students to experience real intimacy and truth that doesn't leave a bitter taste of fake love in their mouth.


Tampa, FL
I want to spend my life honoring and glorifying God in everything on and off stage. Student’s lives are changed and impacted forever through these events which makes every challenge, obstacle or difficult moment so worth it!


Pittsburgh, PA
Through my own experience, as well as through friendships, I understand the need in this world for students to know their worth, to know they are not alone in their struggles, to know hope and to encounter and respond to the Gospel. I am so humbled to be used by God to share these truths across the country.

Anna K.

Newton, NJ
I am here because I believe I have a story to share. A story that holds endless grace and relentless love. A story that exemplifies the redemption that Jesus offers. I was once a girl who found her identity in boys and the opinions of others, but now I am daughter who chases after the approval of her King.


Pittsburgh, PA
This ministry has taught me how to surrender everything to God and truly walk in His will and design. I have seen God do incredible things and I am grateful He has called me to help impact the next generation.


Pittsburgh, PA
I have seen firsthand what God is doing through this event. Chains are being broken and lives are being changed. I’m willing to lay it all on the line so that truth may be proclaimed!